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Artiteq Hanging Systems, Buy online New Zealand wide delivery

Since 2007 we have sold Artiteq Hanging Systems to display your Art, Pictures, Products, or Photos. Buy online and shipped New Zealand wide. Help Desk Service available to provide advice and guide you. An installation service: Wellington - Palmerston North, Hutt Valley - Wairarapa areas, (including hanging your art) is available for what we sell.   

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  What are the benefits of installing a picture hanging system?

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Often the most challenging aspect in hanging art, pictures, or photos is whether or not the proper display advantage can be obtained and then ensuring that adequate hanging space is available.

Regardless of how discrete, there is no getting away from making holes in walls to accommodate picture hooks or other mounting devices, and sooner or later everyone changes where they hang  things. We make it easy, with our hanging system one size does fit all.

Modern commercial premises and private homes interiors constructed of materials including concrete, brick or gib that are painted or plastered often present their owners with issues on how to best to hang their art collection, mirrors, family portraits, product brochures and so forth.


Ideal for Apartment, Open Plan Living, Residencies, Commercial Premises, Galleries & Studios.....

It is also not uncommon in rented accommodation for there to be strict guidelines on hanging pictures and in some instances affixing picture hooks or other mounting devices is prohibited altogether.

Property managers and Landlords will now benefit from installing our hanging system, obtain some competitive advantage and will avoid the unnecessary expense of patching up walls and refinishing in between tenancies.

Tenants always wish to hang art, mirrors, photographs, posters etc. and make their rented accomodation reflect their personalities. Inevitably with each tenant's hanging requirements differing, our hanging system is guaranteed to satisfy all requirements and eliminate ongoing maintenance.

Looking for a way to display art in your offices, studio or gallery; then look no further this system with all the available accessories will do the business for you.  

While there are·other hanging systems available in the market,·which are similarly priced and which·we have supplied and installed,·this system offers so much more that they don't. That's why we are proud to exclusively deal in the Artiteq®·product range, which is European designed and offers leading edge technology.

What you need to know when working out what you will require.

Rails which are the main component of the hanging system, are aluminium and available in two lengths, being either 2 metre or 3 metre.

 Artiteq Hanging System design profile options:

1). Clickrail specification accounts for the majority of product sales both in New Zealand and internationally). Clickrail products
2). Clickrail Pro (this is a heavy duty specification or industrial version of the clickrail).
3). Top rail  specification suitable for ceiling or floor mounting
The difference between the two being that the clickrail affixes to a wall.
The Top rail is designed to attach to a ceiling or used as an option to anchor to a floor and is a popular option used widely in Europe for suspended ceilings. Available in powdercoated finishes in satin white or matte black.
4). Deco Rail specification cornice moulding for ceiling areas, available in three profiles.
5). Shadowline specification for drywall or concrete (masonry) applications, new builds or renovations.Drywall conceals the hanging system rail is designed specifically for installation between plasterboard walls and ceiling panels
6). Suspended Ceiling Strip specification when recessed ceilings are installed during a new build or renovation, the Ceiling Strip offers many benefits.
It replaces the corner profile used in recessed ceilings, and at the same time, creates a completely invisible picture hanging system.

The Clickrail is available in the following finishes: 

1). Clickrail white satin powdercoat. 
2). Primer white finish (which is prepared for overcoating in an acrylic Dulux® or Resene® colour of your choice).
3). Brushed aluminium (for that contemporary and modern look). 

Clickrail Pro available in two finishes:

1). Clickrail Pro Primer white (which is prepared for overcoating in an acrylic Dulux® or Resene® colour of your choice).
2). Brushed aluminium (for that contemporary and modern look). 

Next step:

1). Measure the surface area that you intend to install a hanging system on. Should the clickrail not extend the full length of the wall, end caps are available (in either white or grey) to provide a professional finishing touch as shown in the installation video clip.   
2). Select the finish that you require. (Please be aware that 2 metre rails are delivered by courier. 3 metre lengths are deemed oversize and must be delivered by truck, thereby incurring a higher delivery charge).
All shipping and handling is charged at cost.

info rail installationconnect block setup

Once you have determined your Clickrail requirements

The next step is working out the drops (hanging cord) needs. Once again there are some choices (Twister, Slider and Solid Slider).
Droppers are available in: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m lengths. We recommend two drops per item being hung singly. Of course you can stack items one above the other up to the maximum specified hanging weight.

Once you know the appropriate length for your installation the next step is to:

Select the Dropper type being either:

1). Perlon (2mm nylon cords) rated to hold up to 20kgs depending on the fitting selected.
2). Steel wire (1.8mm braided wire) rated to hold up to 20kgs.

Perlon (nylon) droppers account for over 95% of all sales. They do not develop a memory and any excess can be coiled up behind the item being hung. Steel is recommended and used in situations where very heavy items are being hung that are at the maximum range of weight.

All the perlons,steel wires and picture hooks are common across the range of rails, (Clickrail,Clickrail Pro, Deco Rail, Top rails,Shadowline, Suspended Ceiling Strip), making the Artiteq product range the most versatile in the market today.  

Fitting options for the droppers perlon (nylon) and steel)

Each dropper is open at one end and has a fitting at the other which is secured into the Clickrail, Clickrail Pro or Top Rail.
1).Twister (rated to hold maximum weight 20kg) for use with the entire Artiteq Hanging System rail range.
2). Slider (rated to hold maximum weight (15kg) for use with Clickrail,Clickrail Pro and Top Rail

3). Solid Slider (rated to hold maximum weight 20kg) for use with Clickrail, Clickrail Pro and Top Rail

Install the Dropper into the Clickrail

The Twister is versatile and flexible and can be inserted /removed anywhere along the full length of the clickrail.

Slider/solid slider must be inserted from an open end, as shown in the picture below.

artiteq twisterslider


A range of hooks are available,select what you need according to the weight requirements

1).Mini Hook (thumbscrew adjustment) rated to 4kgs
2).Picture Hook round brass (thumbscrew adjustment) rated to 5kgs
3).Picture Hook (rear thumb screw adjustment) rated to 7kgs
4).Ratchet Hook (spring loaded locking mechanism) rated to 15kgs
5).LoQQer Hook (ratchet hook spring loaded locking mechanism,with security bar) rated 15kg
6).Frame Ratchet Hook (ratchet hook in line, screws into the rear of the frame, ideal for canvas artworks), rated to 15kgs.  
7).Side Loader Hook (designed for use with most aluminium frames) rated to 15kgs
8).Micro Grip Hook (ratchet hook with minimalistic design made from latest plastics) rated to 20 kgs*
9).Micro Grip Hook Locking (ratchet hook with locking collett security feature, ideal for earthquake protection provision) rated to 20kgs*

* with the correct installation configuration

Buy Artiteq Hanging Systems Online, New Zealand wide delivery

(Freight is charged on a recovery basis, at cost on all orders).
Options for supply also·include: cash and carry.

See our full  Artiteq Price List Catalogue  here

Display-It:  for shop Windows, Product Showrooms, Galleries, Homes, Photographic Studios...


The Display It system is an Artiteq·hanging system with·two setup configurations, each using 3 metre steel wires (which can be cut to length).

1). 7820.300 Fixed - fastened to a ceiling or wall areas with (2x 7820.300 steel wires 4 metre).

2). 7810.300 Flexible- (wall mount)used in conjunction with 2x 9.4303 white clickrails. 
You may also as an alternative used either the: 9.4348 white primer clickrail or 9.4341 brushed aluminium clickrail for wall attachment.
(floor to ceiling mount)
requires 2x 9.4309 white top rails, or 2x 9.4378 satin black top rails.

Any rail excess, may be easily cut as the rails are constructed of aluminium.

The advantage with the flexible option·is that wires may be moved horizontally without the need to fully disassemble the Display It system.
(Clickrail and top rail are not part of the assembly, being sold separately).

7810 300 3Display 2

Once you have decided upon either the fixed or flexible mounting option, the next thing is Perspex(acrylic) 2mm panels that make up the Display It system (they are envelope like, photos or product brochures are inserted) like making a sandwich.

Available in two sizes: A4 (210mm x 300mm) 7803.211 Landscape; 7803.212 Portrait and A3(300mm x 420mm)  7803.301 Landscape; 7803.302 Portrait. They are attached to steel wires with either a E-Clip: 


e clip2). E-Clip, is convenient and easy to use as does not require any tools to fit and secure to the steel wire.







Everything you need is listed in our·Product List...

Installation instructions·are supplied with each Hanging System.·

Click here for our Hanging Systems Product & Price Lists

Do you live in a Victorian home or Californian bungalow?

As part of the original feature of these homes they had a wooden picture rail built in, which utilised what they called an overail gallery hook. For owners wishing to retain this piece of original design we offer overrail gallery hooks and perlon (heavy duty nylon) perlons.

The overrail gallery hooks are available either as a brass plated or nickel plated option. Hook shown with perlon loop fitting.


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We come to you, with our no hassle on site installation service, making it so easy..

(Available at an additional quoted charge (Wellington - Palmerston North, Hutt Valley - Wairarapa) areas.

Testimonial : Thank you for the great service and great job.  
Really appreciate the speed with which you organised to get the job done. 
Happy to talk to any customers about the hanging system and your service.
Lalita, Wellington.

Into D.I.Y (Do It Yourself), simply measure up the area you wish to cover and advise us of the number of pieces of art you wish to hang.

Free no obligation advice available, so why not call us today!

Freephone (0800 423 726) 0800 4 A FRAMER or send us an email via the Contact Us.


















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