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Glass Choices for picture framing

The first thing to appreciate and understand is that glass is no longer manufactured in New Zealand, this being the case now for many years.
Consequently all glass no matter what type is imported.

Selecting the appropriate glass for framing your artwork or photographs is one of the most important decisions to be made.
Glass acts as a barrier against dust, moisture, insects and other environmental pollulants. 

Confused or unaware of what glass options are available for professional picture framing and the differences and benefits of each type?

Truvue 1

To assist you to make an informed decision when visiting a framing shop, we have compiled this article from industry sourced publications.

Our professional ethic is that when a customer chooses to do business with us we explain what glass is available and the benefits of each.
We then recommend the appropriate glass for the job, with the final informed decision being made by you the customer, as it is your money.
It's a 'horses for courses' situation and it is important to be mindful of not being oversold.

Upmarket and premium glass is always going to be more visually appealing and cost more, when compared to a standard offering, the question being what level of investment should be made. It is not uncommon for expensive original framed artworks being sold to have clear glass fitted to them to maximise profit return. Unfortunately this does little to protect and maintain your investment in future years. Should you be investing in an expensive original piece of glassed art whether being sold at auction, or in a gallery, make enquiries as to whether a UV protective glass has been fitted. If the answer is no, ask why not?

Check out the samples of glass types that are available in New Zealand and compare the differences when you visit a professional custom picture framer. They have the experience and knowledge to assist and guide you.

 Picture Reglazing Service

Should your glass be broken or in the event you wish to upgrade and improve the glass on your prized artworks or family photos, we offer a reglazing and frame repair service. Small frame touch ups are provided free of charge, subject to examination by us.

Onsite in our workshop we have all the tooling and jigs to reset and repair those old frames, which dry and warp.Typically these have been nailed, as modern pneumatic frame making machines were not available until the early 1980's. 

Clear (floatclear) 2mm                

By far the most commonly used glass in the picture framing industry is for general purpose (non conservation) everyday framing.
The big box stores and retailers that sell ready made frames are in many cases supplying frames with 1mm glass, that will break if you look at it, so be careful. It is important to appreciate that clear glass should only be used in instances where value (being sentimental and or financial) and long term preservation of the item being framed are not matters of concern.

Non Reflective 1.9mm

Has a slightly frosted appearance, as a consequence of one side being acid etched as part of the manufacturing process. This effect diffuses the light and removes reflective glare. Used for non conservation work when hanging your framed work near a window or strong light source.
The non reflective glass must be placed as close as possible to the item being framed, otherwise the framed item or object will appear visually distorted.  Unsuitable for shadow box framing, due to poor clarity characteristics.

Convex (bubble type) 2mm        

Traditionally used in the frames of yesteryear, convex glass is regaining popularity with wedding  (bride and groom), dried flower arrangements and photographic portraits. This glass also does not offer any UV protection from fading, and is all about style and design.

We offer a replacement and fitting service for convex glass which may have been broken and requires replacement.

3 dimentional shaping conv        p1000432

 tru vue logo

Tru Vue ™ is a USA based company that have manufactured and supplied premier glass internationally for more than 40 years.
In New Zealand we have available:

Ultra Vue Glass® 2mm
This water white glass offers crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible anti reflective surface for amazing clarity.


* Virtually eliminates light reflections
* Filters up to 70% of UV rays
* Water White substrate provides crystal clear colour transmission
* Easy cleaning surface
* Enhances colours and contrast levels

Provides glare free enjoyment of artwork or photographs without distortion.
This glass has been developed to provide clarity and is recommended for items where UV light protection is not the primary consideration. 

uv70 glass web
Upgrade your existing glass today, with this new technology product. 

Conservation Series Glass® 
Products are designed to provided long lasting UV prtotction for items such as originals, certificates, degress, family heirlooms, limited editions, needleworks, photographs, autographed sports jerseys, other memorabilia. Recommended for use with items that cannot be replaced. Designed to provide up to 99% UV blocking protection. This glass is 2.5mm thick and coated with a microscopic silica based layer of UV (ultra violet light) blocking agents, which are cured on to a single side of the glass, and when fitted into a frame being the nearest facing to the item being framed. This process is patented and trademarked as Tru Guard™.    

Conservation Clear® 2.5mm

 conservation clear glass

A premier conservation clear glass product offering 99% UV protection. Offering up to 89% light transmission and 8% light reflection.
Has no non glare characteristics. This glass is by far the most popular of all the UV protective glasses being sold in New Zealand.

Conservation Reflection Control 
Non glare characteristics specified to provide up to 90% light transmission, with 8% light reflection and 99% UV protection. Protects artwork and photographs without unwanted glare or distortion.  

Museum Glass® 2.5mm

museum glass

The ultimate picture framing glass available for cnservation framing. Rated to provide the lowest reflection ratings and the highest brightness and contrast levels. 99% of light is transmitted to the artwork or photographs with less than 1% reflection and 99%UV protection.
Recommended for use with the most precious artworks or family heirlooms.


 Conservation 1



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